Minister of Higher Education opens the academic year by a visit to the University

Media coverage: Huda El-Ghitany


Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ashraf Al-Shehhy inaugurated the new academic year 2016- 2017 in Ain Shams University by a visit to the University and was received by President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Dr. Susan Keliny, and Dean of the Faculty of Law Najy Abdul Mo’men, in addition to the Secretary General of the University Mr. Salah Abdel Azim, and a group of professor and student union.

Dr. Al-Shehhy said in a news conference in Zafaran Palace that the date for the beginning of the study was determined, noting its emphasis on university presidents need to complete the maintenance work and procedures for receiving new students.

He stressed that this year will witness different cultural seasons in all universities, in addition to scientific activities, pointing to activities that took place last year, and Al-Shehhy noted that he agreed with the heads of universities on the need to host a list of community symbols in various cultural, artistic and sports fields to interact with students and urged the students to participate in the cultural seasons are an actor, said, "We do not want to work in our seats, students must participate in all activities and even propose activities."

Minister of Higher Education called  on students to the university's commitment to ethics, pointing out that they were a good example of discipline during the last year, and stressed that there are no lists of prohibitions on students.