Discoveries and continuous scientific innovations and weak support

karimat El Sayed is one of the greatest figures in Egypt in crystallography, gained access to inventions that have had a significant role in scientific research, and tender process has continued as it seeks through the unity of the crystal structure and X-rays diffraction at Ain Shams University to contribute to the development of the industry.

Honorable figure in scientific knowledge of Egyptian women, represented in various countries around the world and took over the leadership of the international scientific unions… she is Prof. d. Karimat El-Sayed, a researcher and scientist that grew up in a family like science and care for developing it and invent all what could be a new, dedicated her life to science and benefit the world, including what she had taught and learned, determined to transfer its knowledge and expertise for coming generations, she won numerous international and Egyptian awards, including most notably the UNESCO Prize / L'Oreal in 2003, so as to invented a new kind of therapy, a treatment with crystals ", which is now chaired unit crystal structure and X-ray diffraction at Ain Shams University.

Professor Dr. Karimat El-Said, professor of crystals has many discoveries and inventions that its importance have emerged in various sciences, the editorial team in university portal held a meeting with her stating that among these discoveries reached by the discovery of the installation of structural for kidney stones, was able in 1971 to know that gravel consists of a type of bacteria in addition to deposited fat, adding that medical scientists have discovered it just last year.

Also Dr. Karimat was able to  know that the effective part in certain herbs and natural plants in Sinai varies according to the nature of the soil, noting that the concentration of active substances used in some medicines in plants of Sinai is more than other plants, El Sayed explained that it was able in 2003 to discover the structural composition of two types of plants in Sinai, noting that it enables researchers of the drug prevents the industry from certain viruses, nutrition, and stated that medicines that depend on this method of treatment costs about $ 600 million.

Dr. Karimat El Sayed continued to help students and researchers as they cooperated with each other to improve the properties of a number of articles to become more solid lead, where the industry has been alloy of tungsten metal, which can not be machined and through the introduction of other materials it such as iron, nickel and Koppel at specific rates and thus became very solid product over the hardness of the lead metal.

Industry Development between science and its capabilities and the reluctance of manufacturers and officials


On the other hand Dr. Karimat El Sayed contributed to help Industrial bodies in several areas and saved huge amounts of money as they were provided with high quality products with the hands of Egypt, where she was able to teach some specialists in a glass factories glass industry, through the analysis of material consisting of glass importer and its ratios and thus were able to bring in raw materials and glass industry themselves.

Dr. Karimat said: we design material that has high electronic quality and has high isolate degrees, indicating that the factory that manufactures electrical insulators, found that there are products in high quality and the other isn't like  that although the constituent material for manufacturing is the same, so the product came to the researchers in the unit and they analyzed the problem the result was that material is the same but one effective constructivist installation in the product is different, then the factory to purchase a device that has been analyzed samples upon the work of researchers in the unit on the training of cadres in the factory to use it and now they are working in accordance with the system of scientific purely, and their product became more quality, and percentage of losses decreased due to effective material.


On the other hand, a pharmaceutical company was help to know the effectiveness of the medicines that are imported from abroad or industry at home, and El Sayed explained that there are drugs affected by heat, humidity, storage and other that affects the degree of effectiveness of the active chemical, and by making some analyzes and use of certain devices we could learn advanced degree of effectiveness.

Also under the topic of medication, there are loads of medicines used excellent effective materials but nevertheless is not in good effectiveness, and through the analysis of some types of medicines discovered that those active substances only need to change in temperature.

El Sayed mentioned that they and the research team, which includes professors and assistant professors, teachers and teacher assistants at the highest levels were able to see ceramic components and enabled a ceramic enterprises which have resorted to us from their knowledge and become now manufactured instead of importing them, so we have saved them large sums of money in the import.

El Sayed noted that some poultry farmers have faced in one of the periods of the problem that all poultry have infected limping without clarity of the cause of this injury, which caused them to turn to us so we requested a sample of feed covered by the poultry and found to be completely free of calcium and therefore it is natural to get this poultry limping.

The scientist of crystallography not only satisfied with research and discoveries and helps others to develop their businesses and increase their efficiency, but also resorted to organize courses and lectures in several areas and universities; she also organized more than 15 educational workshops for the dissemination of this work.

In this context, Dr. Karimat said that the number of specialists in this science at the level of Egypt is too small not to exceed 25 researcher, citing it as difficult science needs to be familiar with the entire number of science, among other geometry, chemistry, physics, biology, and commented, despite the small number of specialists in crystals science but its users are many.

Provide facilities is a step for Entrepreneurship

El Sayed demanded providing more facilities not in the crystal structure unit and X-ray diffraction, but only in the various fields in the universities, the hostess should provide more advanced devices in the sections, stressing that if there are available facilities Egypt will be leader in various fields and universities will be on top.

El Sayed expressed her disapproval of the inability of the state and sectors as well as private institutions of science, saying that people do not want to develop their work and factories , adding reached our limit because we go to many parties and offer them our services , but all in vain , saying examples in one industry antiques and house wares manufacturer of Chinese material that we went to them with a British research team after he noticed the presence of large amounts of manufactures broken , and when they were analyzing the material used in manufacturing we discovered that the temperature used for the facts slightly higher than the temperature required for the subject products to break and crash easily, so we put a mechanism for the development and asked change furnace only , but they refused .

She concluded her interview by saying with a sigh fills the mouth we offer research in most aspects of life without the benefit by any one.

It should be noted that Professor Dr. Karimat El Sayed took over many of the scientific positions, including as President of Crystals Association and Chairman of the National Committee of this science, as well as a member of the National Councils, also took over the presidency of the International Federation of crystals Education Division for a period of 3 years, not to mention its presence for most of the international conferences which was held in this area in the world.