Under the auspices of Professor. D. Minister of Higher Education

Under the auspices of Professor. D. Minister of Higher Education, professor. D. Minister of Education, professor. D. President of Ain ​​Shams University, and the ministers of health, agriculture and industry, Ain Shams University Organizes a Forum titled "Using rice grinding in the school feeding program" in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to discuss ways to take advantage of the applied research carried out by the severity of the " proven grinding rice " in the production of baked foods in school in order to provide students a healthy integrating diet with the beneficial nutrients. This will be in the morning of Tuesday, 10/12/2013 at guesthouse in the University.

This was stated by Professor. D. Abdel Aziz Ali, Rector’s vice for Graduate Studies and Research, who added that the university organizes these seminars and workshops based on the full faith in the role of universities in community and development service, and work on linking scientific research and industry to serve the community.

He explained, that researches and studies have demonstrated that school students are suffering from clearly malnutrition which has a negative impact devastating on their health and mental, intellectual and creative abilities, Ministry of Education exerts major efforts in this area in cooperation with the scientific and research concerned with this, hence the role of Ain ​​Shams University to contribute to the solution of this phenomenon through scientific research and modern applied research.