Translation and development Conference in Alsun, Ain Shams

A continuation of the supportive activities of scientific and cultural for translation and translators , Faculty of Al- Alsun at Ain Shams University , Refaah unit for Research and Development Information organizes a conference entitled "translation and development" in 10:00 a.m., December Tuesday 10th at the Conference Hall at  the faculty and the conference will continue until December 11.


Prof. D. Leila Jalal Rizk, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, explained that the conference addresses the translation as a sector of the development that contribute to the development of science and heritage preservation through four main themes which are: developmental dimensions of translation studies, preparation and training of a professional translator, translation software and automatic translation, and quality in the field of translation.


D. Leila emphasized that many researchers from various authorities like Ain Shams University, Cairo, Damanhur, Beni Suef and Sadat Academy in addition to the University of Tehran Khawarezmi, as well as the Library of Alexandria and a number of companies working in the field of translation will participate in this conference.


She added that the conference includes a session for some foreign cultural centers in Egypt dealing with the activity of these centers in the field of translation in Egypt and the Arab world as well as the conference includes a session in which displays some professional translators experiences and hearing other students to view projects in the field of translation. The conference will be held on the sidelines of an exhibition of versions of the National Center for Translation.