o   Prepare scientific cadres in the field of childhood in various disciplines of childhood studies through specialist who will be trained and educated at the best level.


o   Activating cooperation between the Institute and research authorities concerned with children at the local, regional and global level.


o   Development of curriculum and update it in the light of contemporary global trends and be subject to periodic evaluation according to the international standards, taking into account local conditions.


o   Activating the role of a special nature units to provide research and advisory services in the areas of childhood various institutions of society.


o   Provide community services to childhood sector including children with special needs and continuous training for employees and customers and provide them all the necessary services, especially in the field of prevention and early diagnosis of disabilities.


o   Pay more attention to continuous education, self-learning and distance education in order to promote the level of knowledge of the student.


o   Integration of the overall quality concept and continuous improvement in the educational and research system of the Institute.